Friday, January 07, 2011


So for the last two days, we have been in a seminar.  I really and truly don't mind sitting around learning things that are really interesting or that I did not know and that could help me. . . The last two days were anything but that.  And they told us another lie that all the supervisors heard the same information and will communicate that to us.  All in good time.  Now there might be some things that are not clear about me.  One I am extremely organized, two I am extremely analytical and three I am a kinesthetic visual learner.  It makes my life cuss at times, but what are you gonna do, you are who you are.  Now the last two days did nothing for me as learner.  I sat there bored, fidgeting and trying not to text or sing or get up and walk around.  If I have nothing to do, I will find something!  Well, I guess I fudged a little . . . out of eight hours of seminar I did learn some questions to ask when I participate in a job interview.  The rest could have been sent to me in an email.  Today was a complete waste of time as it gave me information that would have been more helpful last semester.  And then to top it all off the most helpful information was shoved in at the end when we only had half the time that was originally allotted for this information.  Sigh.

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