Sunday, July 09, 2017

Google will be my student's world!

So we are going to do so much with google classroom this year.  We are going to use google drawings (as soon as I become fluent!).  I am going to let the students use google drawings to develop projects in math and in reading.  I am also going to put my instructions on Classdojo with links on how to help my kiddos at home.  I am ready for some screen casting.  Of course, I have to be careful, because my students can't be filmed etc when they are with me.  Sigh it makes displaying work difficult.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finishing this master's

This is killing me and my ADHD!  I have lost my interest in some of these assignments so it is killing me to complete them.  People with ADHD lack stamina.  Some people think that means you aren't strong or something like that.  No it means that once I am disinterested in something it is nearly impossible for me to complete any task which requires me to see it through to the end.  For instance, I should be writing two simple reading lesson plans right now.  I had three weeks to do them.  I did the first two, but these last two . . . I literally have  a "meh" sound reverberating through my head!!!  It's gonna happen, because it has too, but aw shucks I don't want to pa (imagine an Opie voice saying that.)  And seriously, I need to.  I really really need to, because I have stuff that I need to do for my classroom that I am much more (hmmmmm . . . maybe not much more haha) interested in doing.  Oh well it will get done and I will do it. . . right . . . now . . . as soon as I fix myself one more cuppa.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Dos and Don'ts for Integrating iPads | Edutopia

The Dos and Don'ts for Integrating iPads | Edutopia

This would be great if my school followed some of the tips for educators.  We have been given too much freedom with them.  We just kinda do what we want to do with them.  Some teachers never let their students use them.  I let my students use them all the time, but don't always monitor their learning with them.  I have found that I need to use them more deliberately.  I am spending more time using them for centers/stations with the kids.  One app that I really like is Brownie points, but I am not going to buy the workbooks.  It works fine as a station without all that money spent.  Plus it is going to take them a minute to get through the workbooks that come with it.  We also didn't get any money from the school to buy apps.

Making Friends With Failure | Edutopia

Making Friends With Failure | Edutopia

I feel this sooooo deeply.  My students fail so often that even though we do everything we possibly can to try and build them up and help them to understand their disability, they still feel that they are stupid.  I watch them in regular class and even in fun learning games, they often don't participate.  I try not to get the teachers to give them the super obvious very easy answers.  They do so much better if they struggle and learn to ask for a little help or accept help from their team and friends.  I encourage a room of acceptance and support.  I demand that they accept each other and support each other and do not put each other down.  The world will put them down enough without them doing it to their friends.  We also discuss the fact that you don't have to like everyone you know and that you do not put people down just because you do not like them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Hardest Year of My Life

This has been the hardest year of my life.  I have lost 15 pounds, but I needed too!  I feel constantly uneasy. I want this particular state of being to cease.  I am struggling with it terribly.  It is holding me back.  It is keeping me from my higher understanding.  The constant thoughts are almost terrifying.  Hmmmmm that makes it sound life threatening and it is far from that.  Perhaps I need to stop being soooo melodramatic.  If that is who you are, can you stop it?