Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Finishing this master's

This is killing me and my ADHD!  I have lost my interest in some of these assignments so it is killing me to complete them.  People with ADHD lack stamina.  Some people think that means you aren't strong or something like that.  No it means that once I am disinterested in something it is nearly impossible for me to complete any task which requires me to see it through to the end.  For instance, I should be writing two simple reading lesson plans right now.  I had three weeks to do them.  I did the first two, but these last two . . . I literally have  a "meh" sound reverberating through my head!!!  It's gonna happen, because it has too, but aw shucks I don't want to pa (imagine an Opie voice saying that.)  And seriously, I need to.  I really really need to, because I have stuff that I need to do for my classroom that I am much more (hmmmmm . . . maybe not much more haha) interested in doing.  Oh well it will get done and I will do it. . . right . . . now . . . as soon as I fix myself one more cuppa.