Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have no idea what day this is . . . calendar math here we come

 Soooooo . . . today I was going through some math for today with my kids.  And I realized that I don't think I can keep them on track with EVERYTHING that is going on in their classrooms, because I can't keep up with it.  Not to mention the fact that not all the teachers in the school are as organized as I am (though I am NOWHERE near where I would like to be).  I want the kids to see the things that they are doing in the classroom, but many of my kids can't keep up.  I need to keep them on track as much as possible with the classroom, but I need to boost up their deficits.  By helping them with their deficits, I can give them everything they need.

Now if only I could figure out their schedule.  As for the title, I realized that they need a little calendar math to help practice our daily skills.  (Plus without doing calendar math I can't seem to remember the day or date!) This would be easier, IF I had a working sympodium or airliner smartboard.  Please Lord let IT get that up and running.  I am sooo ready to do calendar math.  I am ready to have a running routine in my room like I did in my kindergarte room.  And I realize that I may never have a 100% routine like I want, but we can get something done.  At least a little more than what we are doing now.  We are working hard, but it is not nearly as focused as I would like!

Now if only I could figure out their schedule . . . lol

I made something!  Daily Calendar Math Sheet.  I think it will be a success.  Now I need to figure out what to put on the back, because no need to waste paper.

Ok!  I can't figure out how to link a document!  Ugh!!

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