Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I need to keep up with stuff . . .

I need to keep up with stuff and what better way than to do it here on my own blog!!!

So the kids and I didn't do as much on Martin Luther King Jr as far as artsy craftsy type of stuff.  I really wanted to do some stuff to put in the hall.  We spent some time talking about it and we even did some play acting.  They were really upset by the "whites only" signs that were around when MLK was little.  I really wanted them to understand and appreciate their lives now, but most of them are very young fives, so I just had to understand that there was only so far that their understanding can do for them.  I think they do understand and remember though.

Next month, we are going to do some Black history.  I am going to do mostly inventors.  I want them to understand that not every person who contributed to our great country was White. That they came from all races and creeds and that is what America is: a great salad bowl.

Anyway, back to February.  We will do a little dental health.  Talk about St. Valentine's day.  Have a nice little valentine's party.  There is also groundhog day.  I am NOT prepared for that as I have been very sick the last few days.  I want my kids to do something fun.  I think we will have some ice cream sundaes for snack.

I was going to put www.superteacherworksheets.com on here, but I am a little disappointed that they are charging a members fee now.  It's not much, but everything costs so much these days!  Anyway, it is still a great site.

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