Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gonna do this

Ok. So I have decided that I need to go ahead and do this blogger thing. I mean really do it, not just log in every six months or so. So much has happened I don't even have the brain power to write it all down.

I guess I will just start with my thoughts of today. It is Christmas Eve and my children have waay too much under the tree as they all do. I am proud that my husband has some stuff on the tree that he will like and appreciate. I think he will be excited when he sees what he got. I know the children will be excited. It is nice to go ahead and start over. This has been a stressful year and I have been hard on my family. My resolution is to be better. They have been so great with understanding all the hard work and long hours I am putting in with going back to school and trying to be successful. I just pray that all of this is for something! I know it will be. It has to be I couldn't go through all of this and put my family through all of this for nothing. Next Christmas won't be as big as this one and this one isn't as big as others that we have had. They are very understanding and precious little boys and I love them sooo much.

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