Friday, July 22, 2005

Last half hour at work

It is my last half hour at work. This is my first blog entry. I am so excited. The server shut down so I can't do what I was doing, because my forms and papers were on the server and not on my actual computer.

Today has been like a crap day. Larz's stupid Chrysler is just dying. We just paid $100 to put a new battery in and now we are going to be out another $300 to put in another alternator. My poor children are going to start school looking really pitiful. And I haven't bought anything for my little biscuit. I am so tired of being broke. I just want that stupid house in Iowa to sell. I just thank God that we have someone renting it or we wouldn't be making it at all. We even had to borrow from the money that we had for their deposit, but we are slowly paying that back. Hopefully, they won't move out before we get that paid back. Sigh.

Tee and I are going to Meridian tonight. This will be a long boring weekend. None of my friends live in Meridian. I have one guy friend who lives there and he leaves every weekend either on business or to stay with his girlfriend who lives in the town where he works. sigh. Poor me. Ok enough of that nonsense.

I am super tired and ready to go home!

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